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game is in alpha

lots of gameplay will be add

new feature in this version is

Tanking you get 3 Tanks 1 in each Tier of Heroes group

this will come in handy when i implant fights with more then one Monster

when Tank Meter reaches Full Tanks will be a Armour Buff

Tier 1 100%

Tier 2 200%

Tier 3 300%

1 of 4 mages added

WhiteMage is the First he will heal and Buff your Characters

wsad to Move Character

left Click to Interact

Heroes Of Vandar is a Clicker Style Rpg

with a small Story Line Rescue the Princess

1 Hero class for now


you can hire Heroes with Gold to fight with your main hero

Each Hero can be upgraded with AP you get from every killed monster

AP is Used for Upgrading Stats Like

Str, Con, Int, Wis, Hit%, Crit%, Dodge%, CritResist,

each Hero has a set of Passive Skills That will help farther improve you Heroes Stats to over come Tough Monsters

You can Run From Battle if Battle is to Tough

Monster Drop Equipment

Healing Potions you can Buy for Heroes that will auto use when Hp is Low

Each Hero can Equip.

Helmet, Weapon, Shield, Armour, that have Random Stats

1 map more to Come

Current Map is Forest with 24 Areas up to 240 Levels for Monsters

Player main Hero is 300 Levels Max

other Heroes is 1000Levels Max which will increase as more Maps are made

More Monsters Will be Added also as game Progress is Made

Made with Unity 3d And OrkFrameWork Rpg Engine


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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